About SLEP

SLEP, the Latin American Society of Pediatric Endocrinology was founded in 1986 under the leadership of César Bergadá. The main objective of the society is to integrate pediatric endocrinologists, biochemists, pediatricians, endocrinologists or professionals from similar areas for the development of pediatric endocrinology in the broadest sense in Latin America.

Therefore, we assume the commitment to work on updating the academic contents and offer support to professionals from the beginning of their careers, offering as a possibility the category of "Partners in Training".

The main activity of the SLEP is its Annual Congress where attendees have the opportunity to present and discuss their research and to which renowned speakers from other continents are invited. Continuing Education also includes annual courses such as “Summer School” and “Winter School”  and other activities.

SLEP is a member of ICPE and works with the common goal of providing a united international support voice for pediatric endocrinology and diabetes.


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